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The art curriculum is based on the National Standards for Art Education introducing students to the elements and principles of art. Students explore their creativity by experiencing a wide range of artists and their styles, media and techniques. The objective of these guidelines is to introduce and develop art skills while incorporating the elements of art and principles of design. It is suggested that this be achieved by familiarizing students with artists and art history. Our mission is to build an appreciation of art, teach skills, encourage confidence and creativity in producing art, and prepare students for high school art classes.
Physical Education

Physical Education is designed to enhance a child’s overall physical development, and include activities that are fun, engaging, and physically active. The physical education program stresses body awareness, basic motor skills, and eye-hand coordination. Students in all grades meet with the physical education instructor at least twice a week. 

The Music curriculum is designed to broaden a student's general knowledge of basic musical skills and concepts at all levels of elementary education. Through participation in the music program, students are led to a deeper appreciation of liturgy, ethnic cultures, and musical styles. Music holds a prominent place in the spectrum of Arts and is of paramount importance in the development of the whole child.
Our librarian prepares students to become effective users of information and literate lifelong learners. The library curriculum serves as a framework for teaching research strategies; developing skills to analyze, evaluate, interpret, and communicate information and ideas; fostering an appreciation for literature, promoting reading for pleasure, and encouraging independent learning experiences.