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Investing in the future of our children begins with prioritizing their safety. At Blessed Sacrament School, this commitment is at the heart of everything we do.  By creating a safe and nurturing environment, we empower students to learn, grow, and thrive, contributing positively to society. Our comprehensive safety plan addresses physical security, mental health support, positive school culture initiatives, and emergency preparedness. This holistic approach is crucial to cater to the varied needs of the school community and foster a safe and supportive environment for everyone.

Physical Security

  • All entry points remain locked at all times. 
  • Camera doorbell entry systems at the main office and APR entrance.
  • All visitors must check in with ID and sign in and out at the main office.
  •  Security cameras throughout the building and surrounding property.
  • Regular safety audits and drills to ensure preparedness for emergencies.

Mental Health Support

  • A dedicated counselor is available to provide individual and group support.
  • Curriculum that integrates social-emotional learning and coping skills.
  • Partnerships with mental health professionals offer additional resources.
  • Safe spaces for students to express themselves and seek help.

Positive School Culture

  • Anti-bullying programs and zero-tolerance policy for harassment.
  • Activities and events that promote inclusivity and respect for diversity.
  • Character development programs that foster empathy, responsibility, and kindness.
  • Peer mediation training to help students resolve conflicts peacefully. 
  • Strong communication channels to keep parents and families informed.


Emergency Preparedness

  • Regularly updated emergency plans for different scenarios.
  • Evacuation drills are practiced throughout the year.
  • CPR and AED training for faculty.
  • All staff and volunteers are Safe Environment trained.
  • Clear procedures for reporting and responding to safety concerns.
  • The Safety Committee meets regularly to discuss any safety concerns and ways of improvement.