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Welcome to Blessed Sacrament School!

 Blessed Sacrament School is a loving, warm, faith-based environment that prides itself on academic excellence. We provide primary education for students in grades Pre-K3 through sixth grade. Our focus and mission are to educate the whole child: spiritually, academically, emotionally, socially, and physically by providing the highest standard of education.  We believe a Catholic school education is more than just a child finding his or her academic strengths, it's about helping them discover who they are, finding their inner self, and knowing their purpose in the greater world. Our students participate in monthly service projects connecting them with the world around them. We use character-building programs to foster strong, independent learners and individuals.  Our faculty and staff use a differentiated model of education within the classroom.  We work together to strengthen and expand all our students' minds.  We are preparing students for the future. We not only teach the fundamentals of education but also instill the desire to learn, armed with the ability to think critically.  

Upon graduation from Blessed Sacrament School, our students are prepared for rigorous academic pursuits and with a solid moral compass to help keep them on the path. At Blessed Sacrament, a student will have achieved all areas in the Diocesan Profile of a Graduate model. I am proud of the students who leave Blessed Sacrament and carry the traditions and beliefs they have been taught. They are shining examples of the hard work and effort we value daily.

Blessed Sacrament is a positive, safe environment from which your child will benefit. We make learning fun!  I firmly believe in the superiority of Catholic education, which provides a most appropriate model for later learning and life, so much so that I have invested in that future for my four children.  Please come and take a look for yourself. I know you will not be disappointed! 

Mrs. Lisa A. Coppola