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At Blessed Sacrament, our uniform symbolizes unity that weaves our community together. It fosters a sense of belonging, allowing students to focus on learning and growing alongside their peers. Our uniform reflects the values we hold dear. It serves as a visual representation of our shared faith, reminding us of the respect, humility, and discipline we strive for.  From Kindergarten to Grade 6, wearing the uniform with pride is a responsibility we all share. It's a way of saying, “We belong to something bigger than ourselves, a community built on shared values and aspirations.” Our uniform signifies our commitment to a common purpose and a reminder that we're not just individuals; we're part of something special, and together, we can achieve great things.


Click Here to View our Uniform Policy for Students 

School uniforms can be ordered through Flynn & O'Hara or Land's End. 
Flynn & O'Hara

Order your uniforms on our customized school page:
From here, students and parents can shop for Blessed Sacrament's specific uniform, view previous orders, access promotions, and so much more. Flynn and O'Hara's Features & Functionality guide provides a comprehensive breakdown of everything available on their website.

Lands' End

Go to our customized store  and create or sign in to your account. Include your student and school information in My Account. Start shopping with your personalized product checklist.

Blessed Sacrament School Uniform Closet

Blessed Sacrament School is proud to offer a convenient uniform exchange closet.  The Uniform Closet provides access to a wide variety of gently used, clean clothing that adheres to our uniform policy, including shirts, pants, and other essential items. The Uniform Closet is located in the APR and is open during school hours.