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The Blessed Sacrament School handbook is a dynamic document that plays a vital role in creating a safe, organized, and successful learning environment for everyone involved.
This handbook is your friendly guide to navigating our school community!

What's inside?

  • Policies and procedures: Outlines the school's expectations for student behavior, academic performance, dress code, technology use, and disciplinary procedures. It ensures everyone is on the same page and fosters a harmonious learning environment.
  • Serves as a central reference point for information about school policies, schedules, emergency procedures, contact details for key personnel, and important dates and deadlines
  • Provides a common ground for all stakeholders to understand the school's vision, mission, and values. This shared understanding fosters a sense of collaboration and community spirit.
  • Outlines parental roles and responsibilities, facilitating communication and collaboration between parents and teachers in supporting student success.