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Faith Formation / Religious Education is for students in grades Pre-K through Confirmation offered through Blessed Sacrament Church.  Classes are on Sunday mornings and are held at Blessed Sacrament School. It is never too late to join our programs!  
If your child is under seven years old and this is your first child and/or it has been three years since the parents have attended a baptism preparation class, we do require you to attend a “Baptismal Preparation Session” to talk about what Baptism is and what it means to be baptized. 
The Sacrament of First Penance occurs during a child’s second-grade year (and up) and precedes preparation for the Sacrament of First Eucharist. Preparation and participation in First Penance (fall) are combined with the preparation and celebration of First Eucharist (spring) as a complementary year-long process.
First Communion 
The Sacrament of First Eucharist (also known as First Communion) is an essential rite for Catholic families and individuals. Holy Communion is the third of seven sacraments received. It occurs only after receiving Baptism and once the person has reached the age of reason (usually around the second grade).
For information, contact: Donna Hurn, Faith Formation Director: