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Why Give?

Blessed Sacrament offers a transformative education, one that helps students grow in mind, heart and soul. The lasting gift of a Catholic education provides a strong foundation for the development of a lifetime devotion to service and learning and is truly one of the greatest legacies we can offer to our students. They are the future and the best investment you can make! Our goal is to provide a Catholic education for all who wish to receive one, regardless of their financial situation. You can be the difference-maker for a student and provide them with a learning experience that will last a lifetime.

Ways to Give

Capital Improvement 

Your generous contribution to the Capital Improvement Fund will directly impact the quality of our students' learning environment. This dedicated fund allows us to address vital upgrades and repairs to our school facilities, surpassing what regular operating budgets can cover. The Capital Improvement Fund tackles bigger projects like roof repairs, technology upgrades, and accessibility improvements. Investing in our infrastructure ensures a safe, modern, and functional space that fosters a quality education for all students.

Sponsor A Child

A gift to the Sponsor a Child will provide immediate tuition assistance for students whose families cannot afford the rising cost of Catholic education. 

How to Give

Send donations to:

Blessed Sacrament School

3129 James Street

Syracuse, NY 13206