Welcome to our admissions process! Thank you for your interest in Blessed Sacrament School.

Our admissions process begins with a tour of our beautiful school. Please call (315) 463-1261 for more enrollment information, or, email Lisa Coppola at

Blessed Sacrament is a Catholic elementary school providing Catholic education to children of families who are registered members of Blessed Sacrament Parish. Non-parishioners and non-Catholics will also be considered for admission if space permits.

Your enrollment will be considered on the basis of the following guidelines:

  1. Parishioners: i.e., children of families who are registered in, attend, and contribute to Blessed Sacrament Parish. (In cases with the same application date, parishioner priority will be based on date of Blessed Sacrament Parish registration.)
  2. Catholics from parishes without an elementary school: i.e., non-parishioners, who are registered in, attend and contribute to a parish without an elementary school. 
  3. Catholics from parishes with an elementary school: i.e., non-parishioners who are registered in, attend and contribute to a parish with an elementary school.

2020-2021 School Year:

Please download all applicable forms, and registration fee, and return return to main school office. As soon as we receive your application, the school principal will review it. If there is an opening available you will be notified regarding the registration procedure. We will keep these forms on file for a period of one year or until we have completed our re-registration for the following school year.

Yearly Tuition Rates: 2020-21 (K-6)

Tuition Assistance and Policy

Tuition Assistance is available for grades K-6th through the Diocesan programs to aid families in financial need. Applications must be made by February 15th, via FACTS. At Blessed Sacrament School, tuition assistance may also be available through our Blessed Sacrament Eagles Fund, as long as the FACTs information as been completed. For more information about our Eagles Fund, please visit our Blessed Sacrament Eagles Fund Site to learn more about a great opportunity to apply for a scholarship to our wonderful school!

Tuition Policy

Tuition and rates for the students are established by the Onondaga County Catholic School Board and are subject to change from year to year. There is a non- refundable registration fee of $50 per family. All parents are required to sign a tuition agreement before their children may be enrolled at Blessed Sacrament School All tuition must be paid to the tuition office in accordance with the schedule contained in the tuition agreement. The school reserves the right to decline to enroll a student for subsequent semesters until such payments are made or an alternate agreement is reached with respect to such payment.

A tuition assistance program is available through the Diocese Hope Appeal Program to aid families in financial need. Applications must be made in the Spring prior to the school year and forms are available in the school office.

Please click here for our tuition policy: