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Student activities are a launchpad for skill development, from honing leadership and teamwork to nurturing hidden talents and fostering passion. They cultivate collaboration, empathy, and healthy social interaction, boosting confidence and emotional well-being. Student activities enhance academic performance, through improved focus, discipline, and time management.  It offers a safe space for self-discovery, exploring interests, and gaining valuable life experiences, as well as helping students identify strengths and build a sense of purpose. These skills and experiences translate beautifully into future careers and life, instilling adaptability, resilience, and the ability to thrive in diverse settings. 
Parochial Basketball League: Grades 3-6
Bellucci Basketball: Offered to grades K-6, it provides all athletes with world-class basketball training experience.  Ben Bellucci has strategically designed a training philosophy that is simple yet innovative and focused on providing quality service no matter what skill level is required.
Dance Program: Offered to grades TE-6, students may participate in ballet, tap, or acro jazz through the program's dance instructor, Mrs. Natalie Noonan.
Drama: Offered to grades K-6, students learn to act, sing, and dance. A spectacular spring performance will showcase their hard work.
Lego/Robotics: Offered to grades 4-6. Blessed Sacrament partners with Bishop Grimes Jr/Sr High School students to design, build, and program robots to complete a series of tasks.
Little Eagles Basketball: Offered to grades K-3, students will have fun while learning the basic skills involved in the game of basketball.  Emphasis is placed on fun and recreation in this non-competitive, co-ed program.
Science Explorers: Offered to grades 1-6. Science Explorers is an innovative, hands-on Science program designed to engage students in the wonders of Science.
Student Council: Blessed Sacrament Student Council has been servicing the school and Eastwood Community since 2009. It is offered to students in grades 4, 5, and 6 by application. Student Council is focused on leadership development and service.
School Choir: Offered to grades 4-6, students perform at school Masses and other venues. 
The Band Bus: Offered to grades 3-6, students learn the basics or beyond about an instrument of their choice.
Piano Lessons: Offered to grades K-6, lessons are scheduled on Mondays and Tuesdays by Mrs. Mary Lynn Giacobbe.