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Lunch Program

Blessed Sacrament School is eligible for FREE LUNCHES for all students from the SCSD. Each day our lunches are prepared by the Syracuse City School District and delivered to school ready to be served. This no-cost program for lunch begins on September 7, 2023. This includes milk. Students will have the choice of low-fat white or chocolate milk.  In addition to the daily hot lunch program, ice cream is available in the cafeteria for $.75. 

The menu is developed by the director of Food Services for the Syracuse City School District; therefore, we have no control or input in the choices that are selected. The menu is also subject to change without advanced notification. WE DO NO COOKING ON OUR PREMISES.

Hot Lunch Procedures
  •  Students turn in hot lunch orders to their teacher on Friday mornings for the following week.  
  • Orders need to be written on an index card or piece of paper with the student’s name and grade clearly written with the order.
  • For families with multiple children – Each child’s teacher needs a separate lunch order,
  • In the event of an absence, lunch orders may be phoned to Mrs. Calangelo at 315-463 1261 or emailed at on Friday morning by 9:00 am.  If there is a sibling in the school, they are welcome to drop off the lunch order to the classroom teacher.
  • In the event of a Friday snow day– Orders are accepted on the following Monday morning.


  • Please NO FAST FOOD OR SODA.   We encourage healthy food & drink.  As stated in the student handbook – Please refrain from special “fast food” deliveries during students’ lunch periods.
  • We do not heat up or cook any regular or microwave food during students’ lunch periods. Please do not send in any microwave popcorn, microwave soup, etc.  We do not reheat anyone’s lunch.  You need to pack ready-to-eat food for your child’s lunch.