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Blessed Sacrament School offers a wide variety of instructional methods, educational services, and school/district resources to our students to help them accelerate their learning progress, meet learning standards, support emotional needs, and generally succeed in school.  
 Academic Intervention Services (AIS) is designed to help students in grades K-6  achieve the learning standards in English Language Arts and Math. These support services address the barriers to improving academic performance. We provide small group and individual support from our NYS-certified teacher. Intervention and action plans are developed for each student.
School Counselor: Our school counselor works to maximize student success, promoting access and equity for all students. As a vital school team member, Ms. Driscoll contributes to the positive school culture of success for all. In addition, she designs and delivers school counseling programs that improve student outcomes.
Multimodal Room with Sensory Path is a unique learning space designed to engage multiple senses and boost understanding. It utilizes visual, auditory, and kinesthetic inputs, recognizing the power of stimulating several senses simultaneously. When learning engages sight, sound, and movement,  we retain information better. This room offers diverse learning styles by combining these modes, allowing students to experience learning in ways that resonate with them individually.
Support Therapies include Speech/language, occupational, physical, and music. These services are provided through Early Intervention for Tiny Eagles (PK3) and Pre K (4) and Syrcause City School District for grades K -6. 
RTI Team: Our Response To Intervention Team aims to identify struggling students, academically and emotionally, early on and provide the support they need to thrive in school. This team is composed of faculty, staff, and school counselor.