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Blessed Sacrament School works to develop faith-filled, socially responsible and academically sound leaders. Recognizing that a strong connection between school and home is vital for student success, we encourage and enjoy a strong tradition of partnership with school families with the goal of working collaboratively to help students achieve their academic and faith formation goals.

Children’s primary teachers are their parents. Blessed Sacrament School teachers and administrative staff encourage parents to work with students at home on activities such as reading, practicing math facts with games, and developing a relationship with God through prayer. Our school prides itself on being welcoming and inclusive. Parents are encouraged to become involved in our school community.  Often by doing this, support networks and friendships are formed which enrich family life.

There are various ways in which families can become involved:

  • Parent-teacher communication
  • Classroom activities and celebrations
  • Attending school liturgies
  • PTA meetings
  • PTA events
    and more..