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BSS integrates learning within the culture of the Catholic faith. Our faith-based community is rooted in Gospel values. We participate in the Evangelization of the mission of the Catholic church. Our teachers and staff are faith-based leaders that act as spiritual guides.
Catholic Teachings:
  • Present an understanding of the human need for God based on revelation and faith. 
  • Read, understand, Interpret, and apply Scripture to life.
  • Illustrate a basic understanding of Catholic doctrine and dogma in light of the creed. 
  • Recognize the Trinity as God.
  • Illustrate a basic understanding of Church.
  • Demonstrate an appreciation for prayer as the primary way we come to know God and the community as the context for sharing faith within and beyond itself.
  • Exercise responsible stewardship for the gift of creation.
Living our Faith:
  • Morning prayers
  • Prayer before meals
  • Afternoon prayers
  • Student participation in first Friday Mass and Holy Days of Obligation
  • Monthly community service projects
  • Altar serving
  • School and church choir
  • Prayer services
  • Rosary Devotions in October and May
  • Saint of the day 
  • Take part in Adoration